Alice Koko. BALTICA books

BALTICA banner SLIMsmall Next month Lithuania turns 100 and we at BALTICA have something very special to mark the big event! 
Let us introduce ourselves – BALTICA coloring book series is a compilation of Baltic peoples ethnographic folk art.Cherished handicraft traditions are honored and passed on for generations and now exclusively displayed in Baltica coloring books for creative relaxation.

BALTICA V is one of a kind coloring book; filled with authentic designs from weaving and knitwear traditions found in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda, Trakai to name few.

We invite you to celebrate Lithuania by embracing and sharing ancestral cultural heritage!

BALTICA books are available on and wholesale.

Hope hearing back from you soon, cheers!

Sincerely Alice Koko 

BALTICA coloring books – Proudly preserving folk art heritage of the Baltic’s!
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